Ladybug Game is a game of luck. To win is simple and free.
Just vote. It does not matter if you are a whale or a placton, you will have the same odds.
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Ladybug ladybug get a book and go to school take a book and go to Cagliari bring me a beautiful ring a ring to get married ladybug flies away.

Who can participate.

  • All those who vote for LadyPost can participate in Ladybug Game.
  • A progressive number will be assigned based on the chronological order of arrival of the votes to the LadyPost
  • @zipsardinia votes but does not participate in the draw

Winners extraction

  • The draw will be the day after the payment.
  • The same day of the draw will be the publication of the Ladybug Game LuckPost with the names of the winners and all details.

Prize Pool

  • 100% of the SBD received by the LadyPost author will be allocated to the prize pool.
  • 1st prize 50%, 2nd prize 25%, 3rd prize 15%, jackpot 10%


  • Ladybug Game will take place every Wednesday and every Saturday.


  • In the last extraction of the month all the jackpots accumulated in the month will be added to the day’s LadyPost prize pool.

Update Ladybug Game
This is the Ladybug Game 0.2 beta version. Improvements will follow. Good luck steemians!